this wasn't meant to look like a post but intros are really hard. so let me stick to a few basic stuff.

i created this blog so i can share thoughts, personal projects and whatever else i find interesting. sure i could use any social media platform as my only channel of communication with the world but nothing can compare with the sovereignty of a personal website!

i live in Amsterdam and work as a software engineer even though i have studied physics and simulations. since i have various interests and thoughts on multiple subjects i think it's better to keep everything in a single place.

if all those should be public is a question that still bothers me. but at the end of the day i think it's mostly my shyness and perfectionism who were holding me back. it's fun to share and hear different voices! and i guess there is no better way to socialize and meet awesome people than overcoming those fears and exposing yourself.

for sharing your thoughts or just saying hi feel free to reach out to me on twitter.